I'm I the only person upset with T-Mobil's Call support going to the Phillipines?


    On the verge of getting rid of T-Mobile as my carrier!!!! I have been Super Happy with your customer service UNTIL TODAY! I have even promoted T-Mobile to Friends, Family, and many others. I have been with you for a few years now. BUT TODAY I AM VERY, VERY UNHAPPY THAT YOU HAVE Moved any of your call centers over seas. WHEN I CAN NO LONGER RELY ON YOU AS AN AMERICAN BASED COMPANY. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAT ANY OTHER COMPANY. I HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED THE FACT THAT I ALWAYS BEEN ABLE TO TALK TO SOMEONE FROM THE STATE THAT CAN UNDERSTAND ME AND THAT I CAN UNDERSTAND THEM. YOU CONTINUE DOWN THIS SLIPPERY SLOPE YOU WILL LOSE CUSTOMER TRUST, AND CUSTOMERS LIKE ME...........

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