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    I'm with ATT no contract with iphone 6, interested in porting over.


    Question with TM free iphone 7 promo:   After all the confusing rebates/mastercard and EIPs, what is the status of the iphone 7 in terms of unlock?   Is it locked until a certain criteria is met?



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Free Iphone 7 promo

        Hey fl8888!  I'm so sorry we left you hanging here.  I'm not sure if you wound up choosing to participate in our most recent Apple promo or not - but in case you did or just so you have the information for future reference, we do retail equipment that's carrier locked to T-Mobile.  You can find details on our process to Unlock your mobile wireless device here on Support - basically, there are a few eligibility requirements to meet, after which you're welcome to Contact Us in order to have an unlock request submitted.


        - Marissa

          • stitch2016!@#$

            Re: Free Iphone 7 promo

            I had a similar situation happen to me recently - i was scammed by the salesperson at tmobile - not intentially i wouldn't think - i added a free line for no monthly fee - i have numerous lines on my account - i traded in a brand new iphone 6 to receive new iphone 7 and i was supposed to receive a $500 rebate/visa card in the mail.  salesman told me it would take a few months to receive it and i can then put that card on my account to eliviate  the charges for the monthly fee - i have not received the card to date so i contacted tmobile and was told that i had thirty days to send info to tmobile i had no knowledge of this - plus tmobile is saying that i do not have the unlimited plan - my question is why would the salesperson extend an offer to me and misguide me and now i am stuck with a 700 dollar phone and need to pay it and tmobile has my new iphone 6 for free