Couldn't port my old phone number to T-Mobile


    Checked my phone number at Transfer Cell Phone Number | Switch Cell Phone Carrier | T-Mobile , my number can't be ported to T-Mobile. Is there any manual way to do that? My current number is active at AT&T network.



    Number Eligibility


    Below you will find the results of the number(s) you entered for transfer eligibility. If you have one or more eligible numbers, you will be able to enter this number (or numbers) after adding items to your cart and entering your information. If no numbers are eligible, simply close the window.


    Note: number(s) below are not yet associated with specific device(s)/phones. At the point of purchase (during the check-out process), you will be able to associate any eligible number(s) with the device(s)/phones of your choice.



    Phone Number






    No. You can't transfer this number to T-Mobile because it is restricted from number transfers. You can enter a different number to check or have a new T-Mobile phone number assigned during checkout.

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