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    I keep seeing a LOT of data usage on my hotspot, and I only use it to load a basic webpage a few times a day. (4 days a week). I'm seeing entries on my bill of 222MB during times I couldn't have used it, because I was at work (and can't use my phone or get on the internet except at certain times). I do have it secured with a password that is not obvious. What could be happening?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: out of data

        Hey roxyz,


        That is very weird that your device would show usage when you were not using it. The SIM card in the device will only report usage that was requested by the device. Do you leave your hotspot on all day while you are at work?

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: out of data

          Hiya roxyz!  Just wanted to check in with you here and see if you were still having trouble with this - how's your hotspot's data usage so far this cycle?


          - Marissa