My trade-in device package has been lost by the t-mobile. I have been said during the device activation to use the shipping label provided with the new phones, after i shipped my previous devices (2 iphone 6, 1 iphone 6+ & 1 iphone 5c) for a four line account. After they delivered tried to check the status, the team asked me to wait for 3 weeks to get an update. After about a month i tried to reach for an update and t-mobile says they could not trace the package. This happened around December 2016. Since then i have been trying to work with the team on finding the devices. They are worth of about $1800 worth as per the trade-in agreement. The recent case # 06978535 raised to track the trade-ins , after a month wait says nothing can be done from their end. Is this how t-mobile should behave with their customers ? Why should i loose $1800 for t-mobiles mistake ? Atleast get my devices back. I have the UPS tracking number # 1ZX1392Y9042494505, which clearly says it has been delivered to the address and received by a guy named ROBERTS. Please let me know if anything else can be done in such cases. I am thinking of moving out of t-mobile if they do not resolve this.

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        Re: My trade-in device package is lost

        Oh my goodness! We need to figure this out for sure! That is quite a bit of money invested in those trade ins. We cannot see your account or any research forms you had filed here on a user forum but if you contact our social media team T-Force using the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature, they will be able to take a holistic look at your account and see what exactly happened.