LG4 - How do I determine which app is causing problems?


    Contacted LG CS Via email.   They instructed me how to go into safe mode when I described the problems I was having. They said that  if the phone works fine in safe mode, it is one of the apps that is causing problems.   So my question is, how do I go about figuring out which of the dozens of apps is causing the problem?

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      • You would need to start backwards and remove the last installed app.  Then reboot normally.  Then try again until you find the issue-app.


        What exactly is not working correctly?


        Factory resetting without applying restoration would be the best method in that case.  Your apps are in your app library in Google Play Store.  You can reinstall fresh copies from there.

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          • miket

            Symptoms -

                Can't open/turn on screen many times during day.  Can get incoming calls and sometimes screen will come on.  Have LG 4 which requires double screen tap to turn on screen(normally).  To first turn on (or off) phone - press button on back.   Sometimes can get phone screen to come back by pressing and/or hold for several seconds to come back.  Otherwise have to do battery pull.

              • I still have my G4.  I never had that issue unless i tapped too soon after tapping and not giving the phone time enough to come on.  Same with the power button.  I found myself factory resetting about 1 time every 3 months.  But, that was par for the course on Android for most of my phones.


                If you have a 3rd party wallpaper, lockscreen, live wallpaper, or power management app, you might find one of those to be the issue.

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                  • miket

                    THANKS!   I never had this type of problem and have had cell phones since they were bricks.  

                       How do I figure out which apps are newly installed?

                      Since you've done numerous resets - guess it's not as "disastrous" experience as I thought it would be.  I thought I'd lose all my apps.  Phone settings, which I assume would be lost, I can reconstruct.  

              • tmo_chris

                Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you get a chance to reset your phone?