Thanksgiving Promotion Still not fully Hornored


    2016 Thanksgiving promotion gives 2 extra line for free.  I discussed with representative and the only extra fee I should pay is the tax, which should be $3-5 per line.


    The bill to cover December shows extra amount but I understand it is due to plan change in the middle of billing cycle.  The bill for January (paid in February) is correct, only $10 extra than I used to pay.  But the bill for February (due March) is incorrect, back to $40 extra.


    Now I wonder whether all users see this or only a few portion of users see this.  I hope T-Mobile gives confirmation on the billing change, and confirmation on the promotion in writing.  Representatives will say this will be honored.  But I couldn't believe this is not solved after 3 months.

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      • barcodeable

        i had to call up to tmobile customer support to get my credits for my 2 free phone lines.... they credited on my march bill $217 dollars....first i contacted tmobile support on twitter... after chatting with 3 different people.... the 4th person i think was a supervisor saw that i indeed signed up within the promotional periiod, opposite of what the previous tmobile reps had stated... they had all told me that i activated my lines outside of the promotional period and they are sorry there was nothing more they could do... but if there was anything else they can help me with... i get so upset when they do that.... because they havn't fully helped me with the problem at hand, and they are so eager to help me with another problem...


        i would suggest to call up to customer service, and to explain (again) that you are not being credited for the 2 free phone lines you got back in November.... when they tell you they will make changes you have to wait till the next billing cycle, ask to speak to a supervisor and explain to the supervisor you are being over billed. When i finally got my credits.... it showed up in my account in less than 3 days.... my due bill went from me owing around $270 to me only owing $50 dollars...


        T-Mobile have so many promotions going on.... its hard in my opinion for them keep a handle on.... regarding the T-Mobile settlement offer imposed by the FCC back in November.... i was supposed to have received a one time 4GB of data for my tablet lines by December.... i just now received mine this so they are backed up with trying to fix everyones problems.... but everyone has these problems because of all the promotions... im not talking bad about their promotions, im glad they have them.... because i have benefited tremendously from them.... im just stating the facts, they are overwhelmed with fulfilling these promotions. 

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        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there bihai.  I'm so bummed to read this has been such a struggle - you really shouldn't have to put out so much effort to make sure your bill is accurate; we should be doing that for you.  I know barcodeable has bumped into a few promotion related billing issues as well, which is a shame - I'm sorry we're letting y'all down. 
          Since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to take a look at bills or account details here.  I know it sounds like you've reached out previously, but we definitely would love for you to Contact Us again so that we can make this right for you ASAP.  In the meantime, thank you so much for posting and sharing your experience here.  I wish it were a better one, but we appreciate all feedback and will pass it on.


          - Marissa