Binge On vs One Plus HD Video


    I'm trying to find a clear answer to the difference on these.  I have a Simple Choice Unlimited plan with Binge On.  I know that data is not counted when I'm watching videos from an app that is part of Binge On and so I don't have to worry about going over 28GB that my data speed will get throttled.  But the quality I know is only DVD which is fine as long as my data is not throttled.  My total data usage including videos is almost 100GB+ every month!


    As for One Plus HD video, i'm confused.  So basically I'll be able to stream video now on HD but my concern is, will the data over watching vides will now be counted?  So when I go over 28GB, my data speed will be throttled???  The plan is cheaper but I don't want my data gets throttled.  Can someone clarify to me?  Please advise.  Thank you.

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      • the_chemist

        Re: Binge On vs One Plus HD Video

        I called customer service about that same issue tonight.  I'm still confused as to the answer they gave me...


        I have T-Mobile One Plus promotion.  That means I get HD Video and 10 GB 4G LTE HotSpot. 


        I noticed that all of a sudden after I checked the box for the "Plus" promotion, that competes with Verizon, my data started clicking up. 


        I am not at all a data hog.  I just wanted the "Plus" promotion for the rare instance that I would need a HotSpot for my laptop (at a reasonable data speed) when I am somewhere away from home.  In fact, in my profile settings I still have the 480p video checked and not HD.  My eyes are not that good that there is a discernible difference on a small phone screen.  I have YouTube set to 360p. 


        Anyway, the guy at T-Mobile customer service told me that they have a new document saying that the One Plus Promotion will not be throttled after 28 GB.  He was going to email me the document.  He said I would get it in 30 minutes to an hour.  Guess what... He never did email it!  Go figure.


        I don't for one minute believe that anyway.


        The reason I called customer service, was because I assumed that I DID have "Binge On".  When I dialed the confirmation code, it told me that "This feature is not available on your plan".  I needed an explanation of why.  I still don't know.


        What plans are "Binge On" available with?  I'd rather have 480p resolution and not have to worry about data usage than use data on an HD plan.  I'm so confused now...  I have an hour drive to and from work.  I want to stream Pandora or Amazon Prime music without worrying about data usage.


        These customer service agents are really not well trained.


        I came across your post when searching for an answer on Google.

          • tidbits

            Re: Binge On vs One Plus HD Video

            That 28GB still counted which ever plan you had. You don't get throttled. You could go 100Gb and not see a slowdown. It all depends on the towers you are connected to. If it is congested then you should see a slow down as people have higher priority. Then when you connect to a tower that is not or congestion is gone your speeds go back to normal.


            I have used a lot of data on certain months when I have to travel to California. That has always been my experience with either plan.

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            • dragon1562

              Re: Binge On vs One Plus HD Video

              So as tidbits mentioned the 28gb softcap for de-prioritization has always been in place. In fact that soft cap is actually higher then in years past. I used to have the old Simple Choice North American plan and can tell you personally that there is no point in keeping it unless you really,really love unRadio with Napster. Which even if you did you would be saving enough money to just buy a full premium subscription and still save so yea.


              I also want to clarify that Binge On still counts towards the 28GB softcap and that by useing the service you are throttling yourself. The way binge on works is it throttles your bandwidth when watching video to around 1.5mb down this forces the site like YouTube to deliver the content at a lower resolution. So I wouldn't worry about this feature.


              @the_chemist  Use your phone however you want because you do have a Unlimited data plan so get your moneys worth out of it.

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            • the_chemist

              Re: Binge On vs One Plus HD Video

              Thanks to all who explained this to me. I now understand!  I appreciate you taking the time to post.


              ...and thanks T-Mobile for the free Papa John's pizza!