LTE speed is slow.




    Tmobile network getting slower and slower everyday. In the past, I usually got around 8 Mbps. Lately dropped to 3.something Mbps.


    Today is slow.




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      • dragon1562

        Re: LTE speed is slow.

        So where is this happening at and also is this just during a specific part of the day or 24/7. Have you tried filing a ticket so they are aware of the congestion in your market wherever it is.

          • jln

            Re: LTE speed is slow.

            Most of the time I am in wifi cover so I don't pay attention to how fast the mobile data is.  The area is Brookland/North Michigan Park - D.C. The screen shots that I showed were taken at 4.27 p.m. Just for fun, I ran the speed again this morning at 6 a.m. I got around 13 Mbps for download. So I can say, as the sun goes up, the mobile speed goes down.


            I haven't filed any ticket with Tmobile support team yet.

              • dragon1562

                Re: LTE speed is slow.

                Well then it sounds like its just a issue of capacity. The best thing you can do is file a ticket with T-mobile so they are aware of the congestion and can make plans to remedy it. The only thing you can do on your end is make sure that the device you are using can take advantage of all the currently deployed resources in that market.

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