Can't access contact number on DIGITS on a tablet


    I assume this is where I would place bug type issues.  So I signed up for DIGITS to use the same number on multiple devices.  One of those places would be in my vehicle.  In my Jeep I have an Android head unit, which is essentially like having a tablet mounted in the dash.


    DIGITS works fine, I can type a phone number in and it will call it.  Exactly what I was looking for.  The issue is accessing contacts.  So I uploaded the contacts from my phone to the DIGITS cloud through the app on my phone.  Then on the tablet in my Jeep, I synced the contacts from the cloud onto the device.


    The issue is, when I go to Contacts, then click on a Contacts name, it shows their picture, but since it is in horizontal view, the numbers are at the bottom and cut off.  You cannot scroll the picture either.


    I can replicate this on the app on my phone as well.  To replicate on the phone:


    • Open DIGITS app
    • select Contacts
    • pick any Contact
    • Turn phone horizontal
    • try to scroll


    Even if you do not have a picture assigned to that contact, it has the blank face for a contact. 

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