Enlarged Login Screen


    My Apply 5s Login Screen is enlarged and I can't type in my passcode.  Incoming calls screen also enlarged, so cannot answer a call. 


    Hitting center button doesn't do anything but
    1) show strange-looking, wiggly background, which is not enlarged, and
    2) bring me back to enlarged login screen


    Power On/Off Button- does nothing except bring up an enlarged white bubble, which I don't have any way of reading/using, and when I select it, brings me right back to enlarged Login Screen.


    Obviously, this is an Apple device, so I cannot simply take the battery out and restart. 


    Photo on 3-4-17 at 3.53 PM.jpg

    Background Screen


    Photo on 3-4-17 at 3.54 PM.jpg

    Enlarged Login Screen


    Photo on 3-4-17 at 3.54 PM #2.jpg
    What happens when I hit Power Off


    How can I fix this?

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