I had a question about the new iphone 7 promotion. It says it is available to new and existing customers, but then it says we need to bring a number from a different carrier. I am an existing customer but do not have a number from another carrier to transfer, do I still qualify for the promotion?

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      • snn_555

        Re: Free iphone 7 promo

        Existing customers being those with active lines and plans already...can bring a line from another carrier.


        Some promos are only good for new customers with no lines.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Free iphone 7 promo

          Hey there and thanks for posting.


          For that promo, you will need to port in a number to take advantage of the offer. I'm sure T-Mobile will run more cool offers in the future, so I suggest just keeping an eye on our website going forward in case something else peaks your interest.


          Thanks for posting.