Every month our bill increases.


    When we upgraded our plan to the T-Mobile one, taxes and fees are supposed to be included but our bill shows $56.95 more than it should. We need someone to look over our plan. Also, when we got 2 of our tablets we were told the plan is $10 a month but now we're getting charged $25. These tablets were also supposed to be free because we got them on the fathers day promotion. We were told we did not have to do anything, that the credit would show on our bill and it never did.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Every month our bill increases.

        Hey mdiamante!  I'm so sorry to read that you're going through this - inconsistent billing is so frustrating, especially when you're expecting one thing and your statements show another.  Sometimes promotional credits are contingent upon eligibility - plan changes or line changes can alter that sort of thing.  Since the Support Community is a user forum, we don't have the ability to look at your account and see what's going on here - but we definitely want to get this taken care of.  Please Contact Us so that we can review these statements for you and get to the bottom of this - if the credits should be there and they're dropping off because of a system error, we want that attended to right away!  If you're looking for an online interaction format, you can reach out to our T-Force team through FB or Twitter - in those social media channels we do have methods to verify your account and can take a peek at these bills with you!


        - Marissa

          • floridapets

            Re: Every month our bill increases.


                   How many times a day do you apologize for billing lies?? Do you think these issues are accidental?? I have a feeling t-Mobile is losing a lot of customers over this. Of course that may be the plan, you can't have this big of an increase of customers and still provide everyone with that amount of data. So, I believe there is a 'thinning of the herd' happening. You must be tired of apologizing all the time though, aren't you?

              • barcodeable

                Re: Every month our bill increases.

                Anytime I contact t-mobile with a problem.... the same as me contacting many other companies with an issue.... with all the fake apologies. .. I immediately feel like I am 5 years old. I will admit some reps are sincere with their comments... but you can separate the genuine from the fake.


                I truly understand why women dislike men being so apologetic about everything. .. it's very annoying. I have been contemplating being apologetic when these companies contact me :)




                "I'm very sorry you did not receive my monthly payment.  I understand how this may be an inconvenience. My wife and I have checked and we have not received your invoice. Perhaps you mailed it to the wrong address.i guarantee you will get the payment in the next hour. I will call you back in one hour to confirm you received the payment. " (Obviously I would never call back)... lol