can't login to My T-Mobile and no service


    Hi community


    Thanks for letting me ask right here, while T-Mobile is not helpful at all. I've been exhaustively searching for any means to connect to T-Mobile support, but they make it as tricky as they can. who would sense a scheme here???


    My main problem is:

    I can't log into My T-Mobile. Well, I can login, but then I get stuck here:



    Unfortunately there's no classic way like email to contact them. They offer:

    My T-Mobile: => Yeah, right, there is my problem dudes!

    several other links to My T-Mobile: => yeah, right, think again

    social media:

    Google+: PM'ed them, no reply, mentioned them, no reply at all

    fb, twitter: => I'm not using those

    Phone: only accessible with T-Mobile, but my T-Mobile number doesn't work & I'm currently abroad


    That nobody likes Email is totally understandable. But they really must allow email communication as a last resort. OR let you submit a ticket without a login. This is totally weird and as bad a customer service as it gets!


    Any idea anyone??



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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey mattfasola!  I'm sorry for the wild goose chase, here.  I can totally see from your perspective that it seems like we're ducking your contact attempts - I promise that's not the intention, but we appreciate the feedback and I will definitely pass it on.  At this time, our Care team does not have an email address - instead, we have active, real-time support via FB or Twitter care of our T-Force team - G+ is not the same and I appreciate you calling that out, we need to clarify that on the page. 

        Through Twitter & FB, we have a secure authentication method that we can use to verify your account and protect your privacy.  Similarly, since our Chat support requires a MyT-Mobile login, your account details are verified prior to contact.  Customer Care functions the same way as well, since you'd need to provide a password or PIN (sometimes both!) before we can discuss your account. 

        I know you mentioned that you're not thrilled about contacting us via FB or Twitter, so really, I think our best bet is to try to have you call in for assistance.  Our Contact Us page does have a number you can dial from overseas, but I read that your number's not working - what happens when you insert your SIM in your phone?  Where overseas are you currently located?  Also, regarding MyT-Mobile - is your account currently active, or is it relatively new?  I know it can take 72 hours for MyT-Mobile access after service activation, have you been able to get in since your original post?

        If there's any amount of troubleshooting help we can offer to prevent you from having to call our international number from a local line and pay long distance charges, we'd love to help.  Either way, thank you again for your feedback.


        - Marissa