Billing Nightmare


    A few months ago, I brought in an iPad and wanted to just get data coverage from TMobile. The local store in Durham, NC activated the iPad, I bought a SIM card for it at the store. They also activated 4 other lines on my account without my knowledge. A few weeks later, I look online and have $180 bill. Now, 2 months later, several phone calls later, my bill is still not correct and it shows various overdue balances.


    I disconnected my iPad this morning from TMobile and have to wait until the end of the month to see if they corrected all my billing nightmares. I will NEVER use TMobile again.


    I've actually switched to TING and been extremely happy with their coverage and customer support. Their pricing is also great!


    Goodbye TMobile. I was only a customer for a few months and thought about moving all my lines to you. After what I have experienced, I'll never consider you again.


    - jagarcia

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Billing Nightmare

        Hey jagarcia


        Sorry for leaving you hanging here Something definitely went wrong during your activation and I cannot apologize for the headache this caused you.  I have %100 confidence that our over the phone customer care team will make this right for you. Please let me know what ends up happening here as I want to ensure you are taken care of.

          • jagarcia

            Re: Billing Nightmare

            Chris -


            I'm not sure how this forum works and if you a T-Mobile employee, but I have to say, I was pretty up when I posted my original message. However, now, I'm beyond upset. I've tried calling 3 times to straighten this out - the phony charges - activating 4 lines on my account when I came into the store to get data on ONE iPad.


            Now, I'm taking legal action to defend my credit and make sure that as my people understand what T-Mobile did to me and to probably many others. What a scam!! I cannot believe a company would do this. In each phone call I was promised that the charges would be removed. Now, a collection agency is sending me a letter?!?!? Unacceptable.


            - John


              Re: Billing Nightmare

              I too have a billing problem. I have called three times, each involving 1-2 hours on the phone, and I have gone to the store that created the problem. The sales person there was helpful and got part of the problem resolved. The manager was not! Instead of the credits due showing on my account, additional mysterious charges continue to appear.  My frustration is complicated by the fact that every time I call I go to an overseas call center where I am told either "the English speaking department is closed" or "I will explain your bill to you" followed by a recitation of a script. What do I need to do to speak to a customer service manager who is completely fluent in English and will resolve this once and for all???

            • jagarcia

              Re: Billing Nightmare

              Well - can it get any worse?? I just received a notice from a collection agency. I guess it's time to take action against T-Mobile. Glad I have a attorney friend willing to help. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm on a mission now to make sure I get the word out to everyone that they should never use T-Mobile.