Billing Nightmare


    A few months ago, I brought in an iPad and wanted to just get data coverage from TMobile. The local store in Durham, NC activated the iPad, I bought a SIM card for it at the store. They also activated 4 other lines on my account without my knowledge. A few weeks later, I look online and have $180 bill. Now, 2 months later, several phone calls later, my bill is still not correct and it shows various overdue balances.


    I disconnected my iPad this morning from TMobile and have to wait until the end of the month to see if they corrected all my billing nightmares. I will NEVER use TMobile again.


    I've actually switched to TING and been extremely happy with their coverage and customer support. Their pricing is also great!


    Goodbye TMobile. I was only a customer for a few months and thought about moving all my lines to you. After what I have experienced, I'll never consider you again.


    - jagarcia

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Billing Nightmare

        Hey jagarcia


        Sorry for leaving you hanging here Something definitely went wrong during your activation and I cannot apologize for the headache this caused you.  I have %100 confidence that our over the phone customer care team will make this right for you. Please let me know what ends up happening here as I want to ensure you are taken care of.

          • jagarcia

            Re: Billing Nightmare

            Chris -


            I'm not sure how this forum works and if you a T-Mobile employee, but I have to say, I was pretty up when I posted my original message. However, now, I'm beyond upset. I've tried calling 3 times to straighten this out - the phony charges - activating 4 lines on my account when I came into the store to get data on ONE iPad.


            Now, I'm taking legal action to defend my credit and make sure that as my people understand what T-Mobile did to me and to probably many others. What a scam!! I cannot believe a company would do this. In each phone call I was promised that the charges would be removed. Now, a collection agency is sending me a letter?!?!? Unacceptable.


            - John

          • jagarcia

            Re: Billing Nightmare

            Well - can it get any worse?? I just received a notice from a collection agency. I guess it's time to take action against T-Mobile. Glad I have a attorney friend willing to help. This is absolutely ridiculous. I'm on a mission now to make sure I get the word out to everyone that they should never use T-Mobile.