Free third line promo question


    I signed up for a new line of service yesterday to get the free third line promo.  T-Mobile mailed the SIM to me and it will get to my house on March 7th.  When I look at my account online it still looks like I have only two lines.


    So what happens if this third line promo ends on the 5th before I get the SIM kit in the mail to activate it?  I ordered on the first day of the promo which means if the promo only lasts a week or so no one who orders online would get their third line SIM kit before the promo ends.


    The reason I am concerned about this is there are a lot of bad stories about the free lines that were offered in November.  People are not getting credited for the lines because they weren't activated until after the Promo due to when they actually got their SIM kits.

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