android update affects data


    I received the latest Android N update, but it was while I was driving to work, so it used my Tmobile data to do the download.  I had no idea this download was occurring.  Now that single download has eaten up my entire data allotment for the month.


    If such an update appears, I should be given a chance to switch to wifi to complete the download.  I was given no such option; it just forced a download against my data limit.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: android update affects data

        Hey rtkeen,


        Thanks for taking the time to post to our community. First off, I want to apologize that your high-speed data bucket took a hit from this rather large Android N update. With these kinds of updates, the phone will prompt you when the update is ready to be downloaded and will not start until you okay it or schedule the phone to perform the update. This option gives the user the flexibility to choose when they want to do the update so they can connect to a Wi-Fi if they want to. I do not have the exact verbiage but I know that there is a bullet point in there somewhere that recommends that the download be done over Wi-Fi as it is a rather large update. Once the update is started, there is no option to stop/restart the update as that could potentially cause a larger issue.

          • rtkeen

            Re: android update affects data



            That is how I would expect it to work.  But it didn't.  This time, I got a notification that the update had already been downloaded and ready to install.  When I then checked my account (before I said OK), it already showed that the data had been used up.  This is definitely a problem on T-Mobile's end.  This needs to be fixed.  No warning.  No option.  Just chewed up my data.