No Voice calls on BLU R1 HD


    I just bought a BLU R1 HD and have been trying to use my T-mobile SIM on it. It was a standard SIM, so I had to have it cut by a frind. The Phone sees the SIM, reads my Phone # and my contacts, but I only can send and receive text, when I try voice calls it says "no network available. I tried all the options (2G/3G/4G/4GLT/2G only..) Will a new T-mobile SIM solve my problem?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: No Voice calls on BLU R1 HD

        Hmm, this could be a number of issues.


        Do you see any network connection on the device? Are you trying to use this with T-Mobile service? Have you already checked network compatibility between your phone and our network?



          • 2188317835

            Re: No Voice calls on BLU R1 HD

            Hi, Lauren.

            I solved the issue. What I did today was to borrow a SIM from a friend of my using a T-Mobile Android. With that the phone immediately found the carrier and was allowing SIM Phone calls. I think this got my phone registered on T-Mobile. I then put in my own SIM in slot1 and everything worked fine; I go both Wi-Fi and SIM calls. When the Wi-Fi is turned off I get VoLte, when it is off I think it reverts to 4G.

            I do not have data on my SIM so, when the phone looses the Wi-Fi connection, it says "no service", but that's is not true; I do have voice and text. In Slot 2 I have a European Vodaphone SIM, this also registered.

            This tells me that the BLU R1 HD is compatible and that one doesn't need a new SIM to keep using T-Mobile with a new Android phone.

            Thanks for your attention.