Billed for a phone that was traded in 6 months ago....


    Good thing I'm a hoarder of receipts and correspondence when it comes to matters like this:


    In August of 2016 I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to a Note 7 (which is also gone now). I'm a Jump on Demand customer.  Being well-aware of the time constraints in returning trade-ins, I immediately sent the S7 Edge back to T-mobile using the SASE provided with the Note 7.  I kept the USPS tracking number handy and even took a photo of the SASE.  Per the USPS tracking website, the phone was delivered and accepted by T-mobile or one of its agents on August 22, 2016.


    Doing a little "self-audit" of my bills dating back to September 2016, I see monthly charges of $30.00 for the trade-in.  I naturally phoned T-mobile support and was advised that they would be investigating the issue and issuing one credit of $30.00 toward my current bill.


    What's alarming about this is, 1) had I not kept a record of the return I would be royally screwed and 2) I provided the tracking number to the agent with no assurance of protocol given to determine return status.  I am due credit in arrears of $180.00.


    This all seems a bit fraudulent given that I even phoned T-mobile last September 2016 when I noticed no trade-in credit was given for the S7 and at that time the agent assured me that I had nothing to worry about and that it would "clear itself up" soon.


    Any others deal with this?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        The trade-in should have been an easy process for nooncheez. I could only imagine how you feel, and we appreciate you being so prompt sending the phone in. I am curious, did you happen to send that phone to address in TX or PA? The only reason I ask is because if it's sent to our warehouse in Texas, the credit may not appear for the trade-in. If that's the case, and it wasn't sent to the right address, there's an escalation path our Care team can follow and get this resolved if you Contact Us and let them know the specifics.

          • nooncheez

            Thanks for the reply, Mike. I used the self-addressed label provided in my new shipment of the Note 7 to send the trade-in device which went to York, PA. To reiterate, I now have 6 months of $30 monthly charges for a device that was sent by me and received by T-Mobile or its agent per USPS tracking. Still being billed for it. I've already contacted customer service and have a case reference number.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Hmm, sending it to PA should have gotten you that credit. Without being able to look at your account, it's hard to say what's happening exactly. Have you talked to Care recently? What was the last thing they told you?

                  • nooncheez



                    I have spoken with care and received a "case number" of HRT 07020835.  No response as of today. Call was placed on March 1, 2017.


                    Thanks for the follow-up note!


                      • tmo_amanda

                        Hey nooncheez,


                        I'm sorry it is taking so long for this to get completed. The team that completes the handset research has pretty high volume right now and it may take a few weeks for them to get back to you. You'll receive an email once their investigation is complete. Thanks for hangin' in there.

                          • nooncheez


                            Thanks for the reply.  On March 21, 2017 I received the following from T-Mobile by email:



                            T-Mobile Handset Order Research Request

                            Handset Order Reference:  07020835


                            Thank you for taking the time to contact T-Mobile. We have confirmed that we received your device. In accordance with our JUMP program, we have closed your EIP for IMEI 356164072931763.


                            Thank You,


                            Handset Order Research Department

                            T-Mobile USA, Inc.



                            Yesterday (March 27) I received a new bill that not only credited just four months (not six) of billed charges in error, but also a NEW CHARGE for the handset in question.  This is getting to be epic with no assurance that the issue has really be resolved at all.  I did call customer care and was advised that I should see some additional credits.  Patiently waiting to see this put to bed for good.

                              • tmo_amanda

                                Man, this has turned into quite the headache. Sometimes the billing can be a bit wonky. Keep us updated when you receive your next bill. It may all be straightened out even though you're currently seeing a new charge.


                                I used to be heavily involved with the billing side of things. There were times that charges were temporarily created to allow representatives to apply a credit properly. While it looks confusing on paper/online, the charges/credits get properly handled.

                    • drnewcomb2

                      I would stop e-mailing and calling and start writing letters citing the Fair Credit Billing Act.