individual plans' pricing?


    I was checking all around the T-mobile web site, but couldn't find information on the pricing of individual postpaid plans, only the currently  "featured" plan of "2 lines for $100 + a third line free" and several prepaid plans which I don't know are even available despite their being listed in a chart showing "Simple Choice" and 2 others whose names I do not recall at present.


    I am currently a prepaid customer on the $30/month plan (100 minutes talk, unlimited data, texts) and was just interested in determining if another plan, one that has international calling available, would be available at an attractive price, but all your emphasis seems to be only on multiple-line plans and, even then, only the "featured" multi-line plan.


    Where can I find information on pricing for single-line postpaid plans?



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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: individual plans' pricing?

        Hey ekenne!  Sorry for the single line plan scavenger hunt!  If you scroll down past the promo plan advertisement on, you should see a section about T-Mobile ONE, which is our current plan.  If you slide the toggle on the bar to the left so that it's over the "one" for one line, you can see pricing there - it's $70 monthly for a single line when you use AutoPay, all taxes & fees included.  We've got a support page set up to outline the benefits of Find the right plan for you, too!  Please let me know if you have any more questions!


        - Marissa