Duplicate SIM changing between number its duplicating and the number it was orginally given, among other issues


    In the past week I have been really having some trouble with Digits. Up until about a week ago, I was using the Digits app on both my HTC Desire 530 and M8 (primary and duplicate respectively) so that I could see synced conversations no matter what device I was using. At some point a week ago, both phones lost all ability to receive any communication (missed calls & messages) but I could call people.


    I called into Digits Support and was able to get both devices working and was told I didn't need to use the app to see synced conversations across both my devices; IE All incoming messages should appear on both phones (sometimes does this) but my responses should also be synced between both devices, calls should be identical. When I get a call both phones ring and that's fine but it's a real pain trying to figure out where I am in the conversation with messages. Now my primary sometimes receives the same messages and I can send messages but then my duplicate sim can't decided which number it wants to use. Sometimes I call/send texts as my primary number and sometimes mid conversation it will send as the number it was originally assigned. Seems random but maybe it isn't.


    I was also told over the phone that all my call records and messages should sync on both devices out-going (not at all without logging into the app) and not just incoming. Is there any validity to this statement? The person I spoke to over the phone was using a an Iphone and Windows device and was able to confirm this feature on those devices. Would the version of Android I am using have anything to do with this? Both are TMobile devices. The Primary, Desire 530 is running Android 6.0.1 and the M8 is running rooted Android 5.0.1

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        Sorry that you were having an issue.  I'm glad that you are now getting calls and messages on the devices, so at least that portion is settled.


        The rep you spoke with is incorrect.  With the paired devices, incoming calls and messages are sent to both, but outgoing records are only available on the device on which you made the call.   If you want to have a full accounting for both, the best way to manage that is to utilize the DIGITS application.  It should work fine particularly on your primary device; we are still working to improve how it operates on your paired device though it should be pretty good with the current builds.  In that fashion in the DIGITS app you will have the entire record regardless of which device was used to message or call.


        It's worth noting that with phones like the Samsung S6 or S7, these devices have DIGITS built in directly so that there would be no need for the application just to sync back your out-bound messages and calls from other devices.  Until we get more devices with this functionality built-in, the only choice to have full accounting is to use the application.


        I'm also interested to hear how you are using these two devices.  Since both are relatively similar in class and the main use cases for having paired devices from our initial findings was to use it with things like Smartwatches or lesser feature phones so that you don't want to risk damaging/losing your more expensive primary device. 


        Thanks again for helping to test DIGITS and providing feedback!

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          This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!