T-Mobile does not apply $50 credit every month for my LG G-Pad X 8.0


    Does anyone have this issue?

    T-Mobile had a promo for a free LG G-Pad X 8.0. I got two by opening two new accounts 6.0GB $35/line (which was also supposed to be free). When the monthly statement comes out, for each time, I have a promo code applied for credit of $10 for the LG GPad (LG G Pad On Us) and a $10 Mobile Internet Discount for the 6.00 GB (leaving $25/line for 6.00 GB). For the first two months, after all the hassles calling and complaining why they haven't applied all the credits, T-Mobile applied another $25 credit per line two my account. Hence, I am only supposed to pay tax for the two lines.


    I asked a rep once and she said that it should apply automatically. I do not think so. The autopay I have set is 5th every month. Last time, they applied the credit just a week before the autopay. Note that my bill comes out the 17th of every month. So the $50 credit doesn't show up on the bill.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Hey trinhtattran I do want you to be able to take advantage of this offer. The only thing I can think of as to why it would credit automatically is if there's an existing EIP offer already on the line. That does seem unlikely if you signed up for the lines initially several months ago, but looking at your account is the only way to double check that. We'll need to have you Contact Us and have our Care or T-Force review this again. Unlike the support forum team here, they have the account tools needed to help get this taken care of.