Why is T-Mobile Not Honoring the iPhone Tradeup Offer?


    In September 2016, I traded up 3 iPhones using the advertised iPhone Trade-up offer.  An Iphone 6 for an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB, an iPhone 5S for an iPhone 7 Plus 64GB, and an iPhone 5 for an iPhone 7 64GB. 


    It is now February 28th, 2017, after several phone calls to try to resolve the problem, I received a $186 credit to my bill last month.  The credit was not noted on the bill, it was just subtracted without identifying what the $186 represented.  The iPhone trade-up offer was noted on one of the lines. However, today I just checked again and now the iPhone trade-up offer has been removed.  The other two lines to date do not show anything about a trade-up offer. 


    I have the tracking numbers for all 3 phones that were submitted to T-Mobile, and they were delivered and signed for.  I also have the IMEI codes for all 3 phones submitted to T-Mobile.  But no matter what I say to the account reps nothing gets resolved, and they continue to comment that they are escalating the matter.  A week goes by and nothing. Live, Die, Repeat


    I find it hard to believe that a company the size of T-mobile could botch such a highly advertised program, but this appears to be the case.  I see many others on here with similar issues.


    Next step is a registered letter to T-Mobile explaining the issue, submitting the evidence, etc.  If no resolution, this is going to my lawyer.  No way I'm paying $1800+ for 3 phones, and getting 2 of my trade-ins basically stolen by the T-mobile machine.  I would not be surprised one bit if this turns into a class-action.  T-mobile had better do something fast to make us unhappy customers happy!!

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