Fast charge on my note 4 doesnt work anymore. Ive tried taking the battery out, checking the fast charge setting in battery, ive tried other outlets, other usb cords, other fast charge plugs (new and husbands), ive even done a factory reset and tried my husbands battery.  It takes a whole day for it to charge now. What do i do?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Fast charge on my note 4 doesnt work

        For what it's worth, you've done a great job taking the steps you've already tried . I just have one more suggestion. Can you test the phone in Safe mode to see if it charges faster? Please keep us posted on this.

          • jdeskin28

            Re: Fast charge on my note 4 doesnt work

            I can't even get the phone to do safe mode. I push the power and down

            volume at the same time and wait for the Samsung logo to pop up and let go

            of the power button and still hold the volume down button and it just boots

            up like normal. I've tried it 10 times and nothin. This is ridiculous. I've

            been refraining from using my phone bease the battery drains faster then it

            charges. It takes the majority of the day to charge it fully. Please tell

            me there is something else that can be done.

            Jessica Deskin

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Fast charge on my note 4 doesnt work

                Do you have any 3rd party battery saving apps installed? If so, you could try uninstalling those and testing out the battery life. If there's no physical damage to the phone and you have extended warranty, you may need a replacement phone. At this point, if safe mode isn't working, there's really not anything else you can do to get this resolved. Sorry about that, but you've done everything you can.