VoLTE on plans with no data?


    Can plans with no data do VoLTE?

    Saw a blurb about T-Mobile's "Chief Technical Officer" speaking at the Mobile World Conference, suggesting that T-Mobile would like to shut off 2G and 3G, going totally VoLTE for voice traffic by 2020 or thereabouts.


    I realize that 2020 is still a few years off, but my wife's been happy with her "legacy" PAYGo plan for more years than that.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: VoLTE on plans with no data?

        I can understand being concerned especially after reading an article like that. What I do know is that in order to take advantage of VoLTE, you will need data access. With that being said, T-Mobile has made network changes in the past but I feel like these changes were done to help benefit our customers and keep up with the evolution of technology. I'm confident any major network changes in the future will be carefully considered with regard to folks that are not only using legacy devices, but legacy plans as well. I know that's not a solid answer to "what's gonna happen?" but right now, we don't know for sure.

          • rbob

            Re: VoLTE on plans with no data?

            Thanks; I realize that trying to see the future of a technology basically impossible.

            We'll just see what happens. I've been trying to get my wife on a real plan for a long time anyway.

              • dragon1562

                Re: VoLTE on plans with no data?

                The way things are going all carriers will convert over to VoLTE. Its far more efficient then legacy technology and its just a better overall experience. I was going to mention that what T-mobile will probably do is just not count the calls as data and still treat it as minutes and give access to data on the older lines. Thats just a guess though

            • Re: VoLTE on plans with no data?

              T-Mobile will most likely do as other will do and have done in the past when technology surpasses the current equipment:  Offer incentives on new devices at a discount.  However, being a prepaid customer, they may or may not since prepaid doesn't have people in an Equipment Installment Plan since those devices are paid in full up front and most are hard to find now anyway. and since contracts are no more there will be no one to let out of the agreement early.


              So, TL;DR:  When that time comes, she'll need to buy a new phone.