Switch  duplicated  to esim


    Actually,  this is more of a request.   I currently received a sim for a duplicated number.   So, when i insert it works perfectly.  Nevertheless,  after trying to get resolved over 2 weeks lead to this.  How can I keep the same number i want duplicated (currently allocated to a sim sent by digits) to a esim device Gear s3?

    If i can provide private information i would but not sure how this works.

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: Switch  duplicated  to esim

        Easiest way is to call care and tell them the following:


        1. For the line that is your duplicate SIM (it has a phone number associated to it, if you look on my.t-mobile.com), tell them you want to do a SIM swap and provide them with the phone number of that line.

        2. Provide them with the ICCID from the Gear S3 .. you can find it in the settings.gear info.about device


        That should do it.  If they have any issues or aren't sure what to do, you could cal the special care number for DIGITS support, but honestly the general care should be able to help you out here.