Can I retrieve old text messages


    I am looking to find out if there is a way to retrieve text messages that were deleted off of my phone somehow?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: Can I retrieve old text messages

        Hey there moosewithme.  I'm so sorry to say that there's not a way that I'm aware of, at least not on the T-Mobile side.  We don't store the content of messages, so unless they were backed up somehow through your device, I think they're gone.  This would bum me out to no end, and I hate being the person delivering this news. 

        That said, there are definitely a few other threads on this topic, though.  If you're using an iPhone, for example, one of our pillars made a great point here: is it possible to recover a deleted text message on iphone?.  My colleague Chris pointed out on this thread: recover deleted text messages, that if you're using Google Hangouts the messages may be cached online!  I hope one of those options turns out to be a secret weapon for you.


        - Marissa