My Gear S3 no longer receives calls or text messages.  Please help.


    I have called member services a couple times but still there has been no resolution.


    At first, it worked.  But after some time, I started receiving text messages on my phone from a "456" number stating "Free T-Mobile MSG: The SIM for your wearable device is in an ineligible device. Services to the SIM are blocked until it is returned to your eligible wearable device."


    I receive this text message at least 50 times a day and because of this I had to block the 456 number, which I did not want to do as I like receiving important text messages from T-Mobile.


    Now, my watch has not functioned independently since about 12/28/2016.


    I need help with this and, if it cannot be resolved now, I want to be removed.  So please, help me fix it if possible as I enjoyed the feature when it was working.


    Thank you,


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