What percent is the military/veteran discount?


    Back in August 2016, we were told that there was a 15% military/veteran discount.  This is after more than 10 years of being T-Mobile customers.  My husband immediately provided documentation of his veteran status and it was confirmed by T-Mobile.  We patiently waited through the 2 billing cycles that supposedly are required for the discount to start (WHY???  Is it really that difficult that it takes 60 days?).  No discount.  So I begin a monthly "chat" with T-Mobile trying to get this resolved.  For the first couple of months the representatives went in and manually credited a discount, but every month I had to contact T-Mobile to "remind" them that we are supposed to be getting the discount.  Eventually I resubmitted the exact same documentation of my husband's veteran status under the "Advantage" program, at the recommendation of a T-Mobile representative.  Now, finally, 6 months later, a "Corporate" discount of 12% showed up on our bill.  What happened to the 15% military/veteran discount?  Why is this so difficult?  Is T-Mobile hoping people will just give up and forgo the discount that they were promised?  Is it false advertising?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey there b1234567.  I'm sorry to read that your experience getting a discount added has been so complicated - that's definitely not the intention we have in mind.  This program exists to thank our service members and veterans, not to leave them feeling frustrated. 
        Discounts can vary depending on the government agency or corporate entity in question, but they usually range between 10 - 15% of your pre-tax total on applicable T-Mobile services (for example, the discount doesn't apply to installment plan balances or insurance).  Since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to take a look at your account or the database to verify that the correct discount was added, but if you have a moment to Contact Us or reach out to our T-Force team, it only takes a moment to review the discount that's attached to your account so that we can confirm that it's the correct one - we certainly don't want you receiving less than you should.  Regarding the timeline - I know it seems silly, but since all customers who receive a certain discount have bill cycles that start and close on the same date, it takes a few bill cycles for the dates to shift and then the discount starts to apply on the first full cycle with the new start/close/due dates.  I think in your case it sounds like we dropped the ball getting the discount applied in the appropriate timeline, and for that I sincerely apologize.  Please take a moment to check with one of our teams that can review your account so we can make sure that we have the right discount applied for you here - we don't want you shortchanged!


        - Marissa

          • rangerstyle

            This doesn't seem to be an isolated issue.  I got the same promises, and lack of help. I have the verification email, then nothing happens. Guess I'll be contacting customer support tomorrow. 5 months wasted... and I probably won't get back credited....i guess ill wait and see.

              • tidbits

                The problem arises that certain promotional plans are heavily discounted and they don't get any discounts. For example I don't get my discount on my current plan, but before switching to my current plan I got the discount. Currently I actually save $35 compared to my plan before with discount just for some visual.


                As it may be a rep said you can get a military discount and often they don't think about how some of their promotional plans don't stick with discounts. Carriers can train and train employees but sadly it doesn't always work out everyone expects it to be.