Defaulting on iPhone payment, credit hit?


    How much would the credit score go down if one were to default on a $814 iPhone 7 Plus?

    I traded my Pixel XL with a guy on Craiglist for his iPhone 7 Plus, only to find out it is still being financed. I assume he must have good credit to be able to finance such a phone. If he defaults on the payments, I get blacklisted on my iPhone, and he still gets to keep my paid off Pixel XL.


    Is defaulting common? How much would his credit score go down by? Just asking to seek reassurance that maybe, it wont happen.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Oh boy, I really hate it when things like this happen. I don't have a way to look up how common it happens, but I've seen this on more than one occasion. What impact this will have on their credit score is out of our scope here and I'm sorry we don't have an answer for that. We do encourage folks be careful when getting devices from 3rd party source to avoid things like this. I suggest reaching out to the person you traded with to see if they'd be willing to swap phones back with you.