iPhone Compatibility Problems


    I am using Digits Beta to route my work iPhone calls/texts to my personal iPhone. Both phones are T-Mobile. I am not getting notifications (banners) on my personal iPhone for messages or calls, incoming or missed. When I see a call come through it shows as someone is calling my personal cell phone even though they called my work phone and the call is shown in the missed call log on both phones. This is super confusing (and might be a deal breaker for me)! I'm also afraid that if I answer the call on my personal phone it will show my personal number on the other end (though I haven't tested this yet). Photos are also not loading in Digits App. Oh, and you can't use Bitmoji in the Digits App which is a huge bummer!! Also, voicemail transcripts are not showing. I disabled iMessage on my work phone and I only have my work phone activated in the Digits program. I would appreciate any help!

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      • tmo_evan

        Re: iPhone Compatibility Problems



        I'm going to have to get the team to try to replicate your setup and see what's going on as I don't think we've tried this out in this particular setup.


        Some questions to help put this in the right context:

        1. Do you have the same AppleID associated to both devices? (If it is, this might be part of the issue...)

        2. Do you have "Calls on Other Devices" turned on in settings?  (It should be off)

        3. I assume your T-Mobile ID email address is associated with your work phone number?

        4. You have the DIGITS application on your personal phone?

        5. Are the people who have been calling you already in your address book (and is it the same address book on both phones?)


        I think this is what's needed to start so we can see what we can do to replicate and figure out what's going on.

        Thanks for trying out DIGITS and providing us with some feedback!

          • jenello

            Re: iPhone Compatibility Problems

            Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you! This week has been so busy!


            1. The AppleIDs on the devices are different.

            2. I only had Calls on Other Devices turned on on my personal phone, but I turned off that feature and it didn't change anything.

            3.My T-Mobile ID email address is actually my husbands email.

            4. Yes, I have the DIGITS app on my personal phone.

            5.The people who have been calling me are not in the address book on my personal phone and the address books are different.


            Thanks for your help.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: iPhone Compatibility Problems



            This thread was the product of our fantastic collaborators during DIGITS Beta! As many terms have changed and bugs have been exterminated since the Beta launched, the information here may no longer be accurate. If you still have a question, please search our active threads or ask a new question in the DIGITS space!