How to switch without SIM card?




    I'd appreciate any help you can give.


    I have two of my own phones and want to switch to T Mobile from ATT just before end of this month so that I will not have to pay two phone bills in March. Last week I placed an order on Feb.19 for two SIM cards via a telephone rep who said it would take five days for them to arrive. On the day they were to arrive I checked the tracking information and they hadn't moved from Team Mobile. I called customer service and a rep confirmed they hadn't moved. He  got the shipment started and promised they'd be here by Monday. The UPS tracking number now shows March 3 as the estimated delivery date. I'm skeptical that they'll arrive before that date. I've never had a UPS package that has appeared before the estimated delivery date.


    What can I do now to insure that I don't have to pay ATT for the next billing cycle?

    Do I need to have the SIM card in hand before I can switch my phone number from ATT to Team Mobile?

    Can I transfer my phone number from ATT to Team Mobile without having the SIM cards?

    Can I purchase SIM cards from a store and then cancel the other ones that are on the way?


    I don't know which is harder, getting off ATT or joining Team Mobile.


    So far I'm not impressed with Team Mobile service. The late SIM card is not the only issue I've had with this order.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: How to switch without SIM card?

        Hey there! Sorry for the delay in responding to you We are excited to have you join T-Mobile! I am sorry that the SIM cards are taking longer to get to you than what was promised. If you have not received these SIM cards yet, you can definitely go into a T-Mobile store and they can assist you with getting your numbers ported over. You will need to have a SIM card to activate T-Mobile service and I would not recommend porting your lines over until you had your SIM cards in hand as you will be without service on your AT&T phones. 


        Let me know if you have any questions.

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          • e2k

            Re: How to switch without SIM card?

            I would suggest calling customer care & explaining the situation. Tell them that at this point, you need to go to a store to have your TMO SIM cards activated. Ask them to credit your bill for the cost of the additional SIM card.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: How to switch without SIM card?

            Hey hearmenow.  I just wanted to check in and make sure that you'd received these SIMs or that we'd replaced your order by now.  Hopefully your port-ins are complete and all is well - please let us know how you're doing!


            - Marissa

            • hearmenow

              Re: How to switch without SIM card?

              Thanks to everyone for the help. I got it sorted out and I'm now with Team Mobile.


              Here's what happened.


              I eventually spoke with a customer service representative who said I could go to a store and purchase new cards. He credited my account for the purchase price. I then ported my number and canceled my ATT account.


              My suggestion for anyone else who wants to switch is to go to a Team Mobile store instead of doing it over the phone.


              So far I'm glad I made the switch.