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    i got my iPhone 6s plus unlocked from T-mobile i already received the confirmation email that my phone was unlocked but when i put my new sim card into the phone it doesn't work also when i connect the phone to itunes i don't get the message that my phone was unlocked why is that?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: iPhone 6s plus unlock

        Eeek, shadowsplashx12!  That's terribly inconvenient - I can't imagine what the trouble could be, but we definitely want to get this worked out for you so that you can use your device with whatever SIM you need to. 
        How long ago did you receive the e-mail confirmation?  I know you have to wait 24 hours from the confirmation's arrival before you can attempt the steps.  If this timeline has already passed and you're still having trouble simply inserting the non-T-Mobile SIM, we'd need to make sure you're completing these steps:

        1. Back up using iTunes

        2. Erase your iPhone

        3. When you see the Welcome screen, connect your device to iTunes

        If that's still not successful, we need to take a look at the IMEI and unlock request on our side to make sure everything was handled correctly.  Since the Support Community is a user forum, we're not able to review that information here - can you please Contact Us so that we can iron this out for you?  Please keep us posted!


        - Marissa