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    May I make a suggestion while the Digits program is being developed:  Please consider adding SIP support so a user can enable a Cisco IP phone to utilize as much functionality of the Digits program as possible.  There are a few pros to this concept:  some customers work in secure areas and cannot bring personally owned electronic devices with cameras into those areas.  Having the ability to program a Cisco soft line key with my TMO number would be great and allow contact in the workspace via known cell number.  Secondly, I can use a VoIP system in places where cellular signal is inadequate or non-existent- think mountain/remote residence, second office, basement home office, etc.  I do understand TMO has a variety of Cell Spot devices- but a customer can only be assigned one and the e911 address has to be changed anytime it is relocated.  As far as cons- I think TMO needs to be clear that they will not support VoIP aftermarket equipment via telephone support since you're bound to get numerous questions that only an experienced on-site tech-savvy person could answer (firewall rules, programming, etc).  But an online help section with commonly seen configuration "smart sheets" could temper this problem.  Thoughts?

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      • websteth

        Re: SIP Protocol

        I second this. This would be very nice to have.

        • debjitjdv

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          Indeed a nice thought. Tagging some community admin


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          • j.w.

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            Couple of other thoughts to add on-  1.  As a business owner or homeowner, one is enabling ubiquitous and persistent communication via mobile and desktop connectivity; 2.  For those with overseas travel or living, this concept allows a way around long distance rates to either the customer or call originator; 3. Whether good or bad, makes TMO more ingrained in a customer's life and with potentially less churn to TMO over the years.  For me, I much prefer a desktop landline and speakerphone due to the better acoustics and ergonomics despite having "five bars" of mobile service at my house or office.  You just can't beat the acoustics and comfort for a long voice call on a Polycom or Cisco device especially when they offer HD voice.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: SIP Protocol

              We appreciate the feedback!! I got this sent up to the product support teams as a suggestion and they will take a look at it as soon as they can.

              • magenta1646844

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                I agree.   Since DIGITS can be accessed via the desktop and mobile apps, that means T-Mobile is already running an exposed-to-the-internet VoIP endpoint for those apps to connect to.  Just make it SIP standards compliant, and then document how to connect a SIP phone to it.



                • kccasey

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                  I think if this were to be an additional feature, this would more than likely get added on maybe several months from now, maybe even up to a year.  I know it sounds like it should take less time than that, but 3rd party phone/app VoIP testing could take time as there are several popular ones out there.   The Digits app was designed with very specific programing to auto provisioning specific to T Mobile.


                  Although we techies all know this, the SIP protocol is very flexible and easy to deploy, that alone may be a reason this is something that would take a bit of time to get worked out so that it works well upon deployment.  Cisco & other VoIP direct devices would need additional initial programing info upon setup in order to Hit the TMo servers for auto provisioning.  ATA devices like an OBI device would need the same however, but Obi does team up with Google Voice & a few other Providers to interface directly to input your UID/PW through their site for seamless setup like the Tmo app and Samsung devices.  Then there is the concern for when you have to manually program the info in for the non-techies that have these devices.


                  In the world of VoIP the possibilities are endless, it's also the reason why it could require a but of time for testing.

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                  • moiras_mom

                    Re: SIP Protocol

                    I third??? this request. SIP would be awsome for that exact reason.  My company heavily uses jabber and single number reach. This would eliminate an extra battery hogging application off my phone.

                    • mrcoupon

                      Re: SIP Protocol

                      Come on Tmobile. I have a desktop VOIP phone I would love to do this with. Can we please have SIP for the calling aspect?

                        • marksatx23

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                          I'd love to have this too, even if T-MO initially just published the configuration details but made a disclaimer that the DID NOT SUPPORT it at this time (to keep all the people that don't know how to use SIP from bombarding their support folks)..

                          • mrcoupon

                            Re: SIP Protocol

                            I need SIP. I have this Gradstream GPX1620 that I would love to use with this. Honestly, if you could tie my VOIP into my cell phone, I'd probably never leave. Right now I have 2 cell providers and 2 VoIP providers. It would be nice to eliminate 1 on each side of that equation.


                            This would really be good for me, and for you, T-Mobile. If you integrate enough stuff it makes my life better and yours too because it would be hard to leave.


                            As things stand, I don't really want the hassle of having to put on my headset that is attached to the computer. I would much rather just have a phone that makes/receives calls on my desk via SIP or IAX and then have all the fancy features on my cell phone.


                            I'm pretty sure you already baked this up. It's a matter of allowing it on the backend and making/releasing the UI for consumers to change the settings. Let's do this!


                            Re: SIP Protocol

                            yes, please. IT IS JANUARY 2018, Several months went by on this request to get the SIP credentials and no response from TMO ?  Come on, it is a simple request... I would love to use at least on of my 2 Digital TMO digits numbers on my regular home office analogue device, via a Grandstream ATA box. 


                            I know that I can use the app on my windows computer and on my phone, but I want a old fashion analogue phone... so all we need is the SIP credentials... 




                            Thank you

                            Ron and Dennis

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