iPad version of DIGITS may be having an issue when setup with LineLink line as primary


    After T-Mobile announced DIGITS being officially compatible with LineLink lines, I called up T-Mobile and got my Line Link line to a DIGITS compatible plan. It seems to work great. Installed DIGITS in an iPhone 7, and it works smoothly. Incoming calls ring on both land line as well as the iPhone 7, and when you pick it up on one, the other seems to gracefully stop ringing and things seem to be fine.


    But the iPad version of DIGITS app seem to have an issue. It is not all the time, but every now and then. I have noticed that the Line Link line itself goes into a "non-usable" mode, if the iPad was in sleep mode, and if you had picked up an incoming call on the landline itself or on iPhone 7. The only way to start using the Line Link phone is to go to iPad, wake it up; then you will notice that the last call's incoming screen is still on there. You need to accept or decline it (well, I have tried only declining it), and then the LineLink line itself becomes active. Hopefully this can be fixed before releasing the official version of DIGITS.


    But boy!!, the DIGITS app on the iPad itself works great for outgoing calls, and even the incoming calls if you happen to pick it on iPad. The above weird thing happens only if you pick the call in a device other than iPad.

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