LG K7 does not receive some of my contacts return texts.


    I bought a new LG K7 a week ago and have discovered that while I'm able to send texts to my contacts, I'm not able to receive return texts from some of them. Particularly texts from my roommate- his texts to me are the most important. Tried deleting him from my list and adding him back, checking my blocked list (no numbers were listed,) resetting my phone to factory settings, always rebooting my phone after each action. Nothing is working. His texts to me are still not getting thru to me.

    As a side note my roommate uses an iPhone 6 and his carrier is Verizon.

    I AM getting texts from people whose use AT&T, and Sprint. and their phones are iPhones and Samsung.

    I used to use an iPhone 5c but it got dropped and broke and since it was a factory refurb out of warranty purchased online, I got this Android LG K7 as an emergency purchase. Never had issues like this with my iPhone.

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