Any reason NOT to switch from 10GB Simple Choice (2 lines) to new ONE plan?


    Currently paying $100 + taxes = $116.50 for two lines, 10GB Simple Choice.


    Is there ANY reason why I wouldn't switch to the new ONE Unlimited plan for 2 lines for $100 taxes included?


    Anything I would be losing?



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      • tmo_chris

        Great question!


        The main difference is that this promotion plan does require that you have AutoPay set up to get the $100 price. Without AutoPay it will be $100. Also, you will want to make sure you ask the representative to add the $0 ONE Plus Promo to your lines so that you will still have 10GB of 4G LTE Smartphone Mobile Hotspot on each of your lines. This $0 promo pass also gives your lines HD streaming capability and up to 2X faster Simple Global data roaming when in other countries


        Other than that, you will get unlimited high-speed data on each of your phones which is way cooler than just 10GB