Why is BingeOn Enabled (and Can't Be Disabled) by Default on New TMO Plans?




    New customer here, have 4 lines - I noticed that on the my.t-mobile.com site that BingeOn wasn't referenced anywhere under Profile, but did find some information to use #BNG# on a wireless device to determine BingeOn status.   Using that ShortCode tells me that BingeOn is on (and is enabled on all my lines).  Using #BOF# to turn it off fails on all lines - why can't I turn BingeOn off???


    Next, I added the OnePlus Promo and enabled HD - no change, BingeOn remained on and I still can't turn it off - HD video does appear to work however.


    Curiously, I added the $5.00 OnePlus plan that's not the promo and now BingeOn is off and not applicable to that plan - I can't turn it on even if I wanted to and HD video works.


    It almost appears (from a customer perspective) that other filtering and bandwidth restrictions are placed on the TMO One plans that have the free HD promo - and can't be disabled (can't disable BingeOn) without at least paying $5.00 more per line - why is this the case? 



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