Failed OTA update?


    Hi. After installing the 7.0 OTA update for the LG Stylo 2 Plus last night, I am on:


    Software version:




    Android version:



    I have done a recovery from the recovery menu, as well as a hard reset using the Power + Volume combination, but the preceding has not changed.


    What can I do to remedy this?




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      • blahandetc

        Re: Failed OTA update?

        I am having this same issue with my phone as well!

        • Re: Failed OTA update?

          Was the update 1+GB in size?  It seems it was a security update.  You can try to update from LG Bridge, but sometimes LG doesn't allow updates via Bridge and one must wait for OTA.

          • dandollinger

            Re: Failed OTA update?


            I just did the update this morning.  I'm in the same predicament.  It would appear that either the update we received is NOT Android 7.  I downloaded a third party app (My Android), which will tell you what version we are on, and it says Marshmallow 6.0.1.  There are other apps that will do the same, as they are just pulling what version the system is at.  Whether or not this is version 7, if the system is reporting the incorrect one, it may cause problems as some apps behave differently depending on what version of Android they are on.


            Their site documentation says we should be on Android 7, so they will need to address this soon else the update is bound to create confusion. 

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Failed OTA update?

                Hey folks! The update that was made available on 2/20 was not Android 7 but rather Android version 6.0.1 Software version K55010p. The update was mostly software stability, bug fixes, and the monthly Google update. Android 7 for the LG Stylo 2 Plus is still under manufacturer development and has not yet been released.