Anyone know what coverage is actually like along I-80 in Wyoming?


    Background: Recently switched to T-Mobile prepaid and have loved it so far. I've been planning to move to a post-paid plan at some point but was waiting to see how my job situation panned out. I just found out I might be moving to Wyoming for the next 9 months or so and according to the coverage map it is almost completely roaming 3g. I'll be up there in a few weeks to potentially scout out housing and such and thought it would be good to see if the coverage was doable.


    Anyone have experience using T-Mobile on or near I-80 in Wyoming (not Cheyenne area)? Just wondering if its worth $70+ to do a test run while I'm up there.


    If I did end up testing it I was just going to add a second line with the One plan, possibly upgrading to an S7 while its on sale as well. If all was dandy I'd then port my number to my One line and cancel my prepaid. Does that sound like it will actually work? Or does anyone have any better ideas?


    If not it looks like only Verizon has good coverage there but I'd prefer to stay with T-Mobile if viable.  Thanks for help/advice!

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