T-Mobile Lost my IPhones - What do I need to do now?


    I'm sure this is a widespread issue, but hope that this will get me some help from T-mobile as well.


    I signed up for the Trade-Up program in September and once I received my Iphone 7's I sent in 5 Iphone 6's to an address in Coppell, TX delivered on November 16th, 2016. Since then I've called in repeatedly for weeks asking why I am still paying the installment when I traded my phones in so long ago. I've waited longer than 2 billing cycles ... but was always assured that it "Just takes time" ... After having the issue "escalated' 3 times with no call back I finally got the solutions department and was told they MAY have found one of them, but have no record of the other 4 and I needed to provide them the IMEI numbers and my last ATT bill from when I switched over.


    First of all - I provided all of the IMEI numbers over the phone when I requested the label to send back the phones and second - the
    ATT bill has no information on it that will help them trace the phones.


    Has anyone else had any luck getting this resolved? I've seen multiple posts with similar issues with phones sent to the Coppell, TX facility. This issue has costed me a lot of additional money on each of my bills and now I'm basically told they are lost and they cant find 5 phones that were in close to new condition.. This is not acceptable when I followed all of the procedures I was told to - I even had to provide to them the tracking number because they couldn't find the label they sent in the system.


    Hoping this gets me somewhere because calling customer service a hundred times has not.





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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey ricks6845.  It's such a bummer to read about this awful mess you're in.  I'm sure this has been a frustrating experience, and I'm sorry it's dragging on.  The short answer to the title of your post is: you are doing exactly what you need to be doing!  I'm glad to hear you were transferred to an escalation team - if the Solution Center folks are asking for IMEIs for your Trade-In equipment, that would lead me to believe that we need that information to research the issue and hopefully make this right.  While we should never provide labels for the T-Mobile Return Center Texas for trade-in equipment, it's my understanding that trade-in devices may be shipped to Assurant by our warehouse team when the IMEI is associated with a trade-in.  It sounds like this may be why the specialist you spoke with is asking for IMEIs.


        If you were paying on a financing plan with AT&T, usually they'd have a record of those IMEIs on the statement where you'd be billed for any final balance - that's how we match them up for Carrier Freedom when we reimburse customers for switching costs.  What about sales receipts from when you purchased the devices?  Some of the die-hard Apple fans here might know better than me, but would it be possible to get the IMEIs from iTunes or iCloud by logging in with the AppleID that was associated with the phone?  I know you can get your current device's information there, just wondering if they'd have historical information as well.


        Since the Support Community is a user forum, moderators here don't have the ability to access accounts or perform this research ourselves.  I do think you're in the right hands with the team you're working with, and will cross my fingers that you're able to find those IMEIs somehow!


        - Marissa