Recently upgraded to 7.0 Samsung 7 Edge


    I have the latest software update up to Android 7.0, now my phone is running like complete garbage. Simple things are not working correctly, like for one if you set your volume to mute then perform a reboot, the Splash makes the loud T mobile chirp, (completely disregarding the phones volume settings. Next on the boot of the phone it is extremely non responsive, the background is frozen as it attempts to load apps. looking at the application manager on the phone it is clearly evident that no clean up was performed as remnants and full install packages still remain on the phone from the previous version with no option to remove.STOP telling me my performance mode settings, I know what I selected. This notification is completely useless and I don't understand why I do not have the control to stop it. I used to really enjoy this phone, now its a bare to use. This update is going to need a bunch of Quality of Life improvements. 

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