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    My wife and I eagerly transferred to T-Mobile from Verizon with the prospect of better coverage here in our city. We traded in our Iphones for the promotion in September of 2016, from there we embarked on the most tedious and frustrating clusterfudge of customer service issue we have ever experienced.  It has yet to be resolved.


    The phones were received in late September.  We did not receive any padded envelopes, so we called in and was told that we can substitute USPS padded envelopes. Instructions were to put the old trade in phones into the envelopes; then into the T-Mobile Box (the subtle black box that has the T-Mobile logo all over it, so it can announce to the whole world that there may be a T-Mobile device inside). I was told to attach the enclosed merchandise return label and send it in. I followed these directions to a T.


    In October my wife contacts T-Mobile to inquire about the phones because Assurant website was giving us issues with tracking the box.  The T-Mobile agent assures her that the phones were received, and wait two billing cycles for the credit to be applied.

    In December my wife contacts T-Mobile to follow up about the credit.  She is told that the phones have not been received.  My wife is told that there would have to be an investigation that would take three days to complete, she complied and asked for the investigation to be processed.  This was around New Year’s Eve, so we figured that it would be a delay.  I go to the location where we originally opened our account.  None of the in-store representatives were either helpful or professional.  They were busy talking to each other about taking T-Mobile trainings rather than go through this inquiry I had.  After this whole ordeal, I do no blame them for not wanting to deal with this.


    In January, I was tasked to handle this issue.  I considerately waited till 1/9/17 to follow up on a three-day investigation.  I am told that the investigation was never placed. I asked them to process it again and I will call back in three days. On 1/13/17, get a representative by the name of Juvy.  At this point I am writing down names.  Juvy informs me that the investigation was never placed.  I tried to remain calm, and requested that he processed it again. He actually called me later on that night and told me the inquiry was being processed. 


    I follow up on 1/20/2017, I get an agent by the name of Dennay (1049397).  I explained to her my four-month ordeal.  We uncover several issues.  I give her the tracking information from the label that was sent with the new phones. Dennay tells me the label was incorrect.   Dennay investigates, she tells me the phones were received at another warehouse and unfortunately they are damaged.  This is where I nearly lost my mind.  She assures me that she will look into it and after speaking with her supervisor, they will “eat” the loss because she ‘does not believe someone who has put so much effort into this, would be trying to scam them.’  I inquired why I was given the run around, and she candidly tells me, that some agents will give the customer the run around to get them off the phone.  She assures me that the credits will be applied to the account by February 1st and she will call me herself.


    It is February 2nd and I have not received a phone call.  I call T-Mobile again, and I am greeted by Vanecia (8474681).  We go over the issue again.  Vanecia tells me there was no credit coming and there was no investigation that was placed.  At this point I nearly threw my phone through a wall. After voicing my frustration and disappointment to Vanecia, I am told that she will be placing the investigation and although she thinks that “I don’t believe she would,” assures me, yet again, that she would be calling me by February 9th. I told her let’s do the 10th, in case there was any loose ends.


    It is February 11th, still no phone call.  I call in to inquire about a phone call I did not receive and I asked for a manager. The agent connects me with Kinyada. I explain my situation again.   Kinyada tells me that Dennay denies promising the credit.  I become infuriated, but I was too disappointed to yell.  Kinyada then tells me that she will pull the recorded conversation and investigate this.  She assures me that she will call me on February 13.  Kinyada confirms the credit amount I am to receive and that she will make this right, even if there is no recording.  She gives me her phone number and we schedule a call for 7:00Pm eastern time.  I am hopeful.


    Monday February 13th, 7:15PM, I receive no phone call.  I call Kinyada at the 706 area code number.  It is a voice recording.   I am still somewhat confident in Kinyada so decided on waiting a few days before calling back. 


    February 14th, I receive a text.  It is Kinyada confirming that she would call me February 20th, 2017 between 3:00 PM (EST) and 4:00PM (EST).   I called in to T-Mobile and spoke with a Mary.  There is no reason to write down any employee ID numbers at this point. She says that the investigation is still in process, quite the opposite of the assurance that this issue would be resolved on the Feburary 14.


    I have been given the following reasons:

    1. 1. T-Mobile received an overwhelming amount trade-ins and business, so there will be delays.
    2. 2. My phones were not found or never received.
    3. 3. My trade in phones were found, but sent to the wrong warehouse. But they are damaged.


    Hopefully Kinyada is still investigating.  Hopefully Mary follows through with looking into that investigation.   But I have been promised a follow-up call three times. I received none.  I have received texts, but no response after that.  Now as of the 20th, I have spoken to an Albert and a Rachel.  Albert tells me that the investigation is in process.  Today Rachel tells me there are no updates, but she takes down some additional information to see what she can do.  I hope she can.


    So what should I do at this point?  Has anyone who has been through this, found a resolution to this? I tried to go through the proper channels, but to no avail.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Trade in Nightmare

        Yeesh. This has unquestionably been a less than ideal situation, I'm so sorry to see you going through so much on a trade in.


        I know it's been a few days since your post, have you made any progress in the follow up?

          • ants

            Re: Trade in Nightmare

            Hi Lauren,


            I was able to contact T-Mobile on Saturday, March 4th. 


            I was told there is would be a followup/answer on March 8th.  I sarcastically tell the agent (I couldn't understand his name), I waited four months; whats four more days?  He laughed thinking I was making a joke.  But can't blame the guy for trying to find some levity in the situation.


            I am not holding my breath.  I have been told this before. Three day investigations become 1 week investigations, then they become on-going investigations.  So I will wait again.


            I wish I can tell you those Tuesdays Papa Johns Pizza discounts, and free Wendy's Frosty's are making me feel better.  They are not.


            Heard you guys were giving out free phones now.  That's so great... 


            Thanks for checking in Lauren,



              • ants

                Re: Trade in Nightmare



                Its March 8th.  I just spoke with an agent by the name of Sam.


                She tells me that unfortunately, there is no resolution to my issue.  She does not know why the last agent advised me to call back on the 8th.  She updates and my investigation is still pending.  Sam apologizes and gives me a reference number. 


                So two things I now know...


                1. If the agent you get on the phone sounds like they are from another country and is heavily reading off a script, I suggest you hang up and try again.  Every single agent that has fit this criteria has misinformed me and gave me the run-around in reference to my trade-in issue.  They simply do not care.


                2. My missing trade-in phones investigation has now become an investigation on a phone call between me and the agent promising me the credit.  The same T-Mobile employee who is calling me a liar now.  It is a shame that this is all I have left to ensure my credit.  Locating that recording is easier than locating my phones.  Now I know, my phones are lost and gone. 


                This I the worst customer service experience I have ever had.


                I will follow up.

                  • 8329556186

                    Re: Trade in Nightmare

                    Hi Anthony, same issue happens to me and my husband. We went to ship the phone to USPS together using the label T-mobile provided. Till now, we got no credit and are paying the monthly device fee. The staff at our local store told my husband both phones were received and credit applied. We checked but no credit. Representative over the phone told us my phone (6S) was not received and my husband's 5S got destroyed. I am so angry by hearing this. They should at least let us know the 5S was not qualified. They just destroyed it. I do not know who's lying. But I think sometimes it is just a waste of time talking to the representatives. They can do nothing. But I will keep calling them to see whether the issue can be fixed. Can you please let me know when your issue has been fixed?




                      • ants

                        Re: Trade in Nightmare

                        Hi April,


                        I am no longer amazed to how many people are being affected by the same issue.  The root of all the trade-in issues seem to be disorganization, and a lack of accountability.  T-mobile made all these promises to potential customers, and succeeded in bringing us over.  Because they were not prepared for the overwhelming surge in business, new customers like you and myself fall between the cracks.  No one seems willing to resolve this because of the money involved.   Now that we have switched over, we don't seem to matter anymore.


                        I will keep you posted on the status of this issue.  I hope you do the same as well.  Good luck to you and everyone who share our problem in resolving this.


                          • ants

                            Re: Trade in Nightmare

                            Just to update:


                            So today I received an email telling me that they were not able to locate my phones.


                            I call to find out the details.  So they were still looking for these phones.


                            After being told the phones were received, then not received, then received and damaged.  I really do not know what to believe anymore.  At this point all I know is that the phones are gone.  Lost or stolen by T-mobile.  I am hoping they are still investigating the phone call between myself and the agent who was going to honor my claim.


                            EDIT: Also, one of the agents tonight told me I 'd have to wait 19 days for investigations to process.  Translation: Call back so I don't have to deal with you.

                              • ants

                                Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                So I called in again yesterday to get some information.  I get someone by the name of Raquel, who  seemed to want to help.  I ended up explaining my situation to her.  She said she would escalate it because she saw numerous unanswered and unresolved inquiries.  She then said she would call me back next Friday, 3/34/2017.  Get a text message and everything.  I have heard this before...


                                Funny thing, a hour later my wife (the other person on the account) receives three "Handset Notifications" in a row.  All stating T-Mobile cannot find the phone, and one stating they cannot find the information we requested.  I am assuming the information they were referencing to was the recorded service session when the agent promised me that T-Mobile will honor my credit.


                                Looks fishy.

                                Please check out these unfulfilled texts, beyond Juvy calling me an hour later, but not the week after. None of these people actually ever called me back.  Lets hope I get a call Friday.



                                Good luck to the rest of you going through this mess.

                                  • tmo_amanda

                                    Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                    Good morning, ants!


                                    I'm truly sorry for the runaround that you've been given. I can see why this has been quite the headache for you. From reading over your posts in this thread, you should be receiving a callback today. Will you please update me if you do or do not receive a callback? Not only should we keep our promise to contact you back but we also need to get your account straightened out. I'm here all day today and tomorrow and will keep an eye out on your reply so additional steps can be taken if needed.

                                      • ants

                                        Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                        Hi Amanda,


                                        Its 12:11 PM Eastern Time. No phone call from Raquel (the agent who promised to call me today at 6:00 PM), who also works in the same unit at Dennay (the agent who promised to "eat" the loss and honor my credit).  My recorded conversation with Dennay was also the file I was sent out a handset request for.  An hour later after speaking with Raquel, the request turns up with no records. Suspicious.


                                        So we can add Raquel to the list of T-mobile agents who failed at keeping their promise.


                                        Since you would like to help, and I am tired of typing.  I will paste an email I sent out to the executive response unit to see if you can help.



                                        Dear Oscar Torres or T-Mobile Executive Response Team,



                                        I find it quite upsetting that my wife and I have had to spend five months on this trade-in issue.  Rather than explain it again I have included a link to the T-Mobile Forum, if you care to understand our frustration or even read it at all, here:




                                        During the course of trying to get this matter resolved, we have had to deal with a great deal of negligence, runarounds and dishonesty from T-Mobile.  It is a shame that I had to contact the Better Business Bureau for someone from your company to finally contact me and address this issue.  But for the second time I have been given a phone number by a representative, but no extension number to contact the representative.  I am starting to feel that it is intentional and a normal practice at T-Mobile.



                                        I called immediately after I received the voicemail and when I could not get into contact Oscar,  I called customer service and spoke to an agent by the name of Amber.  She tells me that she will be contacting Oscar to get in contact with me.  I truly hope this is the case and that this issue is getting resolved.  I have yet to hear a response as of this morning.


                                        My wife and I are honest people, whom have been more than patient with your customer service failures.  We have been on time and diligent with our payments and offering information to your customer service team.  I have been provided with numbers and trade in amounts that didn't make sense.  I hope to resolve our trade in issue and clear things up with this email.

                                        We signed up for the Promotion back in September of 2016.  Our phones at most should cost $100.00 each.  Please see attached T-Mobile September 2016 Promotion offer PDF or here:



                                        At least this is what was told to us by the T-Mobile rep at the:


                                        2631 86ths Street, Brooklyn 11214  location


                                        If this is not the case, then my wife and I were mislead.  Also were rushed and persuaded to sign up, if you review our account we received credits to cover the dates the phone was not active.

                                        As of the current bill, my wife and I have paid a combined total of $578.92 for 2 IPhone 7's.  Please correct me if I am wrong, according to the promotion we are currently owed a credit of $378.92 ($578.92 - $200 (for each phone)) for over payment, and our phones moving forward should be paid off and no longer be charged to our bill.  Please note this does not include any additional fees, charges and taxes that were charged.  These additional charges need to be refunded and calculated as well.


                                        I would appreciate it if we can resolve this immediately as to the fact that we have had to spend five months, going on six on this issue.  I can be contacted via email or at [Edit out phone number].  Since my phone call has been met with a major lack of accountability as well as minimal progress, I would prefer an email.




                                        Anthony Lee



                                        So hears another update  I had to find out from the Better Business Bureau that the reason Mr. Torres thinks my phones are worth $165 a piece is because they found liquid damage.  Now this is after I have been told the phones have been received, not received, received but damage but we will give you your credit, cannot locate phone, etc.  Also he suggested I call him back, but did not leave an extension number.


                                        Go ahead fellow T-mobile victims, give that number a call 1-877-290-6323.  Pretty useless with out an extension. 


                                        Now, I have researched this  problem  and apparently many of my fellow T-mobile subscribers have been given the same reason to why they will not be receiving their full credit.  Liquid damage, perhaps the post office delivers phones to T-mobile headquarters via dolphins, who knows?  But it does seem suspicious all these customers sent in liquid damaged phones.


                                        Verizon used to accept trade in at the stores, taking accountability of the logistics and customer needs.  Maybe T-mobile should try that.  Because the store reps I dealt with (11215 location) were more concerned with having one of the smarter ones take each other company procedures and  product knowledge tests.   I know this because back in December of 2016, they were talking about it in front of me, when they were feigning effort in helping me resolve this very issue.  With all that free time, I am sure they can help send these phones to HQ.


                                        Any chances of my phones being returned to me are out of the question.  Its been 5 months and my phones are most definitely compromised.


                                        I have been on the phone with T-mobile agents more than people on my phone list.


                                        So Amanda, would you still like to try and help me?



                                          • ryan97006

                                            Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                            Jesus Anthony, I'm super frustrated with all the phone calls and lack of ownership / accountability that I've had to deal with, but your situation is ridiculous. Sounds like your issue will probably never be fixed, and it's obviously too late to get your phones back and get out of the phone leases. I've run into the same issue where I tell them to pull the call and listen to what the rep had to say, and they brush that aside and find a way to tell me that they can't. Instead of fixing the issue and coaching the representative that gave out poor information, they put the blame on the customer. Just wanted to say that I feel for you man, I'm sorry for everything you've had to deal with.


                                            EDIT: When did you file your Better Business Bureau complaint? I file with BBB and Consumer Affairs a few days ago, and wondering when I should expect a response.

                                              • ants

                                                Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                                Hey Ryan,


                                                I find some solace knowing that I am not the only one going through this.  I have done a lot of research into this epidemic in the last few months.  T-mobile would like to claim that a good majority of us sent in liquid damaged phones, and are generous enough to give us $165 for each phone. When asked to pull the phone recordings, all the pertinent calls can't seem to be found.  Which is suspicious.


                                                To answer your question in reference to the BBB.  It takes about a week.  You will most likely receive a phone call from the executive response unit.  If your in the same situation as I, they will leave you a message, offer you  $165.00 consolidation credit and wash their hands with the issue.  They will contact the BBB with more detailed information about how your phone is water damaged.  The BBB response will also have their phone extension, because they would rather hear from them rather than a you.  T-mobile will explain to them that we, the customer, sent in damaged phones and out of the kindness of their hearts and for all the inconvenience they have caused they will credit us $X.XX amount.  They will then ask them to  remove T-mobile from the list. 


                                                My experience, as well as reading over all of these similar Trade-In issues has made me feel that this company is either: disorganized or dishonest. Incompetent or ineffective. Maybe all of the above. 


                                                Good Luck Ryan,  keep us posted.


                                                T-Mobile Amanda,


                                                I did not receive a call as of yet from anyone,  I did not hear from you Friday or Saturday.  My long winded post got moderated and edited, so maybe that's why.






                                                [NOTE: The store location I set up my T mobile account was in the 11214 location not 11215]

                                                  • tmo_amanda

                                                    Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                                    Good morning, ants! I'm sorry my reply on Saturday morning didn't go through. I'm not too sure what happened but the post moderation could've thrown a wrench in things. I just heard by from Oscar and he stated that he emailed you back yesterday with the resolution along with his contact information.


                                                    Is everything good to go now?

                                                      • ants

                                                        Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                                        Hi Amanda,


                                                        Yes, Oscar was able to contact me and has resolved the situation. 


                                                        This is the worst customer service experience I have ever had.  But enough about me.


                                                        Your company should really look into changing your trade-in procedures. 


                                                        Your company should really keep records of the conversations between your customer service team (domestic and abroad) and your customers.


                                                        You company should keep its promises.


                                                        I'm tired of typing and I'm tired of seeing magenta.


                                                        I thank you for reading. Good luck to everyone.



                                                          • tmo_amanda

                                                            Re: Trade in Nightmare

                                                            I agree with you completely, ants. Your feedback doesn't go unheard. While I'm happy to see that the issue has been taken care of, you shouldn't have had to spend as much time and effort as you did to get this handled.


                                                            Thank you for the update!