2x T-mobile One TE charge


    Right before christmas 2016, I signed up for T-Mobile One.  i believe it was 4 lines for 140.  I didnt need a 4th, but it was way cheaper then what I was paying for 2 lines at AT&T and I was able to get grandma on our plan with the third line


    Looking at my bill (i have 3 lines on t-mobile one plan), I see that the first 2 lines are -$10 bucks for auto pay and $130 for T-Mobile ONE TE.  That looks about right to me.


    However, under 1 of the three phones, Im seeing addition plan charges. 


    Phone 1 - is -$5 Auto Pay discount but then $25 for T-Mobile One TE


    That puts my 4 for 140 up to 3 for 150. 


    Anyone have any idea why Im getting this additional charge on my 3rd phone?

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: 2x T-mobile One TE charge

        That does seem a bit odd. It is hard to tell as we do not have access to your account on a user forum but if you Contact Us, our customer care team can take a closer look and see what is going on here.

        • natalieph59

          Re: 2x T-mobile One TE charge

          T-mobile tricks its existing customers.

          Before, T-mobile ONE was $130 for 2 lines, plus around $10 for taxes, which was $140 for 2 lines.

          In early 2017, the phone company updated its T-mobile ONE plan, $100 for 2 lines, no taxes extra.

          So the existing customers who are paying $140 for 2 lines have their plan's name changed to "T-mobile ONE TE" (tax excluded). Basically existing customers who are not aware of the updated ONE plan have been paying $40 extra per month!!! If anyone sees this post, please update your plan to avoid getting ripped off by T-mobile!!!

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            • I used to see the same thing with Verizon but truth is is that they don't change your plan for you be it an increase or decrease.


              It was the same way when contracts were completed. You had a $20 line access charge which offset the carriers cost of subsidizing a phone for 2 years. After that contract was up most people thought to decide whether to go month to month or resign a new contract. Some people, after contract end, never took a look and are still paying $20 a month in unchanged plan fees, too much for a phone that was already paid off 3 years earlier.


              I know people on VZW that are still convinced they got a free phone and are not overpaying Even though in ($20 a month x 60 months) 5 years they spent $1200 in fees plus the subsidized cost of a phone that was at most $400-500 Full retail price.


              A plan change is something the customer must do.

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              • aranelquendi

                Re: 2x T-mobile One TE charge

                Thank you. It's too late to change but at least I know what the TE stands for now. And that clears up the issues of whether or not we'll get Netflix free.