How can I get customer service  to contact me via email?


    I dont have phone service yet.  I ported a number from boost mobile that was disconnected. Its Sunday night and I cant just bother the neighbor.  And the stores are closed.  The number I ported in can receive calls but not make them.  I need an account with a Tmobile number to sign up for phone support. Otherwise I need to call them but I cant make calls.

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      • When you port in or start service with a carrier, you cannot port in a disconnected number.  That number belongs to the carrier for which service was on.  You can keep a number that is active on one carrier then ported to a new carrier, but service must be active on that number.  When you port in to T-Mobile, you get a temporary number that is usually used for 2 days or less as the port fully completes and your ported number takes over. 


        However, since your number was actually not in service, because it was disconnected, you may be using that temporary number now and T-Mobile cannot fully activate service because the other number was not released from your account, because being disconnected, you had no account.


        You can contact T-Mobile via the Message Us On My T-Mobile link (vertical grey rectangular box) to the right on the page edge here in the community or via Facebook/Twitter.  This response might be too late now, as it is the next morning, and stores will open soon.

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          Sorry to hear you're having trouble with calling natividadflores1. I do hope you've been able to get in touch with our care team since you posted and got this resolved. Please let us know if this was taken care of. Thanks.