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    In global package, does unlimited free text and $0.2/min talk mean texts and calls come from and go out to US phone numbers or numbers from all covered countries?

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      • miket

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        If you are on a plan eligible for "global roaming" and are in one of the 140 or so eligible countries --

        Text to/from any of those countries is free.  Calls are the 20 cents/min. (U.S. is one of the 140)

        Wifi calls to U.S. are free.   I am unclear as to how wifi calls to other counties are billed.  It used to be they were expensive over wifi - but that might have changed.


          I have used this feature in 12 countries.   There is a way to even make use of the feature in some countries not incl. -- like we did in Myanmar (fka Burma) last fall.    Calls via cell would have cost $4 or $5/min.  Data and text prohibitive.  Bought a local SIM to put in extra phone we have (cost $15 for several Gigs/data) set up hot spot and tethered our 2 phones to the hot spot.

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