Nexus 6P: Was on prepaid, now on T-Mobile ONE. New sim prioritizes HSPA over LTE, and some "verified" 4G LTE spots have either zero reception or 1Mbps speeds.




    --- Part A ---


    A little back story. I was on the $30 prepaid plan. Enjoyed it a lot. I've been a T-Mobile customer for a long time. Recently got a new job and my commute is farther, so I wanted some extra calling time, and I have a few friends that some are on T-Mobile and some weren't.


    We moved to T-Mobile ONE with 4 lines.


    I popped in the new sim card and after everything was ported went out and tested it the next day.


    On the road that I've driven on for a month straight I have had 4G LTE all the way down Now for some reason, the phone will connect to HSPA when driving (or switching towers). And I know this because either:


    1. I toggle airplane mode and it then connects to LTE in the same spot. OR

    2. I go into the phone information and force LTE Only, the radio then begins to go from H to LTE.


    This is very strange, and this did not happen when I was with my prepaid plan. Is there some weird APN settings I have to set? They are all the default stuff.


    I also researched a bit around and seen that there is an issue with Nexus 6P on Android 7.1.1 with T-Mobile:


    However, again, this did not happen with my old sim and prepaid plan, only after switching to T-mobile ONE.


    --- Part B ---


    One of my buddies that also switched with me is very disappointed in the coverage. All of his data speeds are 1-2Mbps. Places that say "Verified" produce terrible results. The location in question is IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY for example. He also has a Nexus 6P.


    This might be related to this thread as well: Why does T-Mobile claim 'verified' 4G LTE service (and actual service) where there is none ?


    The coverage map around our area is showered with LTE.


    But ever since we switched, at his work or apartment, he has very little service, or it's 1-2Mbps and terrible speeds. He's about to go back to Cricket if this isn't resolved.

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