Using T-Mobile Digis & Google Voice Doesn't Work


    This is for anyone out there using your Google Voice # as your primary number. I found a problem with using the digits app on smart phones. This doesn't seem to affect non-smart phones that have a SIM card. If you use a second smart phone Digits app to receive calls from your primary line, calls to your Google Voice number will no longer ring through to your primary phone. Google Voice allows you to have a phone number associated with your Google Account that you can point at any phone numbers you want including land lines, cell phones, VoiP lines, etc. It's an outstanding tool if you want to own a number that can ring your cell, home or work phones simultaneously as well as the Google Hangouts app on your tablets or computers. You can also make calls out with the number using the apps and on Androids, you can program it as your primary outgoing phone number. I discovered it when I had an employer issued phone several years ago. I started giving out the GV# to everyone and when they called it rang through to my personal and work phones and I could answer it on whichever one I happened to be carrying at the time. It's also great if you ever have to change your carrier# or move to the other side of the country. To boil it down, here's the specific issue with the Digits program: If phone A is your primary and you want to use phone B to answer calls to your T-Mobile issued phone# from phone A, you would install the Digits app on phone B and activate it for phone A's number. The problem is, once you click the "Activate" button in phone B's digits app, all calls to the GV# stop ringing on phone A and start going directly to Voice Mail. Calls to your T-Mobile issued number will ring to both phones A and B but all calls to your GV# will now only ring to phone B and go to VM on phone A. I hope this can be fixed because I'd like to use Digits for the last few people who haven't adopted my GV# as my primary and insist on dialing that number. My other gripe with this is that if I'm using Digits, I'd like text messages from phone A to forward to the actual message app on phone B rather that to the Digits app. This is a great idea and I love being able to pack an old flip phone to the pool or gym rather than an expensive smart phone but there are a few bugs that still need to be resolved before this hits prime time