It's there any way to find out if my New replacement Galaxy S7 edge with new Sim has been. Updated to be associated which Mr accounts with Tmo, Samsung and Google!!. If not what can I do to fix this. I know my Google account is acting in wierd

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      • tmo_chris

        Hey there If you are getting a replacement phone it will not have any of your information on it or any of your accounts loaded to it until you sign into those accounts on the phone.


        What is going on with your Google account?

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey there!  Glad to read you got a replacement device - were you able to sign in to all of your accounts?  Please let us know if we can answer any questions about set-up so that you can get back in business!


          - Marissa

            • evamae3

              Thank you for replying, I hate to say this but I have now update to 7.0 and mailed back my Broken phone after I wipe /factory reset it of course. I really am out of my element here! I am currently logged in to my gmail /Google acct. On my device but I am still struggling with Samsung account "same gmail" either letting me get logged in but not use the Samsung Cloud backup service instead of Google! And then add to that the fact that "Google Now" on tap, device Assistant, Allo. My Google Search widget, and I do not use Chrome any only Native browser, but my main "Goggle acct dashboard" still says I'm useing Chrome and stupid Google+ app "that I have never used" but it is all crossed up with each other! I have to go to my Google account activity and constantly delete search history for the main widget, voice, YouTube watch history and YouTube search history, I don't know what to do. I know that my problems are wifi/Bluetooth /and more are not configured correctly but I can't figure it out between a old broken laptop and a dang Samsung 2016 UHD TV 6300 6 series and, I don't let or want my TV on the Internet! Thats way I pay Stupid XFINITY /COMCAST                       ! "I ABSOLUTELY HATE THAT COMPANY!!! I have bought my own WiFi gateway from Best buy and spent about 600.00 on getting that installed and bought a Samsung tablet at the same time to have another way to access the server settings on my router but that was back in November on the same day as the last update that magically got Samsung Cloud and its been down hill ever since. I still can't figure out why the tablet would not get online using the Samsung browser..? But I had to use Chrome browser and it worked great. I logged in to router reconfigured my networks and set up a guest network! Then I found out all Bout syncing tabs and crap I have not even turn that stupid waste of money back in! Ugggh