Does switching to ONE affect promo credits?


    Currently have a ~2015 Simple Choice plan with 2 voice lines @ 10GB each for $100/mo plus taxes/fees. I also have a few recurring credits based on various offers over time:

    1. added two data-only (6GB) lines during the November "two lines on us" promo which eventually appear as $50 (+tax) - $50 credits.
    2. did fall 2016 trade-in promo to iPhone 7 which is causing a monthly credit that mostly offsets the recurring installment payments for the new phone
    3. from fall 2015 JUMP On Demand promo for iPhone 6s, receiving $7/mo credit from this (minor issue as only two months left of JOD payments)


    Until last week it didn't make sense to switch to ONE, but with the price cut to $100 for two lines (and no tax) plus adding tethering and HD video, it is now quite appealing. BUT, does anyone know if the above promos would continue after the switch, or would I inadvertently be moving myself to paying for all 4 lines and/or losing the ~$30/mo of phone related credits? Combined that would be as much as a $90/month penalty.



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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Does switching to ONE affect promo credits?

        Great questions!! Your device credits will not be impacted as these are specific to the devices you purchased and not your rate plan. However, the credits you receive for the mobile internet tablet lines would not carry over as the credits they are getting are related to the rate plan which would be changing.